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Miami-Dade Address Search
An address identifies and describes a specific geographic location and can be attached to many types of features, such as buildings, landmarks, and streets. The Master Address Repository System (MARS) is a centralized addressing system that is built on and distributed across Miami-Dade County ’s enterprise information technology infrastructure. The MARS adheres to United States Postal Service (USPS) addressing standards and consists of Geographic Information System (GIS) data, applications and Web services.

The objectives of the MARS are:
  • To maintain a repository that is real time and contains 99% (+/-1% ) of all valid addresses, address ranges, and intersections.
  • To evolve our enterprise application maintenance tool, so that it is capable of supporting data input from external sources such as County agencies, municipalities, and citizens.
  • To continue to provide an enterprise system that is capable of allowing all County agencies to standardize, format, verify, and/or spatially enable their databases with accurate addresses for their business purposes.
To meet the above objectives the Information Technology Department (ITD)
adopted addressing standards, designed a Geodatabase model, developed maintenance and batch applications, and developed WEB Services.  All of which are demonstrated in this Miami-Dade Address Search application.

MARS is currently maintained by the GIS Technical Support Group (ETSD). To learn how to access and/or interface with MARS please contact the GIS Technical Support Group.
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